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Sunday, August 21, 2011

it has been a while but i am back

hi all
it has been a while and so much has happen. i have been busy with work and of course my family.  but i have been busy doing bits and pieces. i am currently in a art doll swap . i already have done one swap and am on my second one now. enjoying these swapa so muck. i have also been doing some digital work for a book i am doing at the moment. it is a book about what makes me love to create.
please enjoy the picture i have done so far.

Friday, April 22, 2011

paris art journal

paris art journal

hi all hope you are all enjoying your holidays. i am i have been busy doing some art work in mt studio.
i have justed add another art journal for sale. again this comes with free post world wide.
thanks for looking and have a wonderful easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy easter

Monday, March 28, 2011

altered 7gypies box

this is my altered mixed media 7gpyies configure box. most of images used are from fleur de lis emporium new designe tags. used lots of mixed media and the flowers are all fleur de li as well. all are pure silk.  had a great afternoon doing this and was very happy with colours and placement of media. this was a very happy project to create. enjoy

japan remember 11 th march 2011.

i did layout with my daughter sharney standing in the snow in japan. it meant alot to me to do this layout. my sister is still over there, trying to piece back together her life. the paper to me was new life , the photo was one of happiness and peace the flowers have pieces of japanee fabric through out.. hope you enjoy and remember how lucky we are.

my newest art journal

hi all, well i have been busy doing new designs for fleur de lis emporium, and decided to creat an art book of all my new designs. only a little way though but will be adding pages each time of lastest ideas and designs.
i used an old book and am so happy how it turn out. really enjoyed the texture side of this cover. and only used paper and paint,ink.
so enjoy my book.