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Thursday, September 11, 2008

judy wilkenfeld work shop

OMG what a great weekend it was on the 23 24 august. thankyou must go out to sharon manning who put the workshop on. we had 10 of us there and we worked hard all weekend. sharon husband worked hard all weekend filling up our coffee and bring out really yummy foods. we wanted to take him home, but sharon said no lol
anyway judy was wonderful with all her information and let me tell you there was heaps of it. we all dyed fabric .burnt it stretch it and frayed it around the edge, then we aged all the brass and copper sampling and finding even the eyelets, so learnt heaps of neat tricks to use.
we layed and layed and burnt and layer some more.
the other on the workshop did heritage and they were so lovely. i felt a little odd as mine was so different. mine had barbwire.rusty nails and lots of transparency in use, not to metion the gothic feel, even down to the tomb stone.but hey i loved it. will be up loading photo's soon.
here is the group of ladies who attended.
once again thanks sharon and judy i had a great time and learn't heaps

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Sharon Manning said...

You are most welcome Dom. We all loved you interpretation of the class and creating a book that was you was the most important thing. It was fantastic to see everyone's turn out so differently and each of you put your own spin on it.
I hope all is well with you.